As a former Head of Marketing, with over 10 years marketing experience including client side, agency side and freelance, I know how challenging it can be for the modern marketer to stay organized.

My 7 Steps of Organizing program is perfectly suited to organizing the marketing function at either a very high strategic level or nitty gritty hands-to-the-pump every day tactical level.

You may not feel quite so confident about how to get organized at work if you honestly spent the time to write down all of the projects you want to do, all that you have already started, and all that really should be finished in the hopes to produce positive ROI for your company.

Bottom line: Organizing your Marketing through mature Marketing Project Management is crucial for today’s marketer.


Marketing Project Management

October 1, 2010

Free white paper presents a much needed framework for Marketing Project Management Today’s efficiencies in Finance, Operations, Distribution, etc… leave a very heavy finger pointing at the marketing function. As such, Marketing Project Management (MPM) represents a golden opportunity. Review the new framework for creating sustainable and significant competitive advantage through project management applied to marketing – […]

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Marketing Project Management Directive

August 17, 2010

I think Marketers have the most incredible opportunity right now to elevate Marketing into the place it is meant to have… There are more marketing directors including CMOs (chief marketing officers) being appointed. Logistics, operations, distributions, even to a large extent, product development… all have tight process and project management procedures. …but what of marketing? […]

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Welcome to Marketing Projects Management dot org

August 16, 2010

The Aladin’s Lamp of business? Marketing Project Management. Captain, we have a problem… All business functions (finance, distribution, operations, etc) can be measured, but I’m not so sure about marketing… Marketing needs to be more involved with business strategy – but it’s running around like a headless chicken… We really need marketing to support a […]

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